Author: Arthur Petersen

Cycle: The Five Nightmares of Now

It ComesThe BleedersMurderThe Road Leads to NowhereNorth Country It ComesThe thing poundedOn the door,The walls tremblingLike a tiny drop of waterWhose gluish orb bobbles on the ceilingAnd whose strength will give out...

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Cycle: Poems of Longing and Goning

The Human HeartThe WayHourTreasureWorld TravelerIn Memoriam EPYear 1 (2012) The Human Heart How magical is the human heart? For the deeper inside one goes, Winding into the crannies and nooks, The vaster it somehow grows. The...

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The Castle of the Cacodemon

Inortumo, the sorcerer, called all the men of his castle to the great hall. The sigils that ringed the wall had been covered by a band of violet silk. The immense tapestries were gone. The censers and customary fires were empty,...

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Mimri, the Gleaming City

Teucalas once inquired of Bocologon the Mimrite, “The men of my tribe would go mad if they were made to do all the needful things one does inside Mimri. An elevated man says heed this, another, heed that. To observe all...

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The Death of Teucalas

Teucalas hung from the harsh edge of the cliff. One hand clasped with Orugoro, the other held his reddened sword. Their eyes locked. He kicked off his boots to see if his toes could find a better grip upon the cliffside. They...

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