The Human Heart

How magical is the human heart?

For the deeper inside one goes,

Winding into the crannies and nooks,

The vaster it somehow grows.

The Way

I like your hair

And your smile when it’s there

And your laughter in the air…


The green fur of the earth rose up to my knees

The blue hand of the sky slipped down between the trees

And I sat and I thought about the way she left me.


‘Parting is all we know of heaven,

And all we need of hell’

  • Emily Dickinson


An hour doesn’t last forever,

Even inside a dream,

The dawn will still come knocking,

To close up all the seams.


Upon a starlit mountain path

I found a hole and laid my stash

When strangely came the shadowed dawn

I saw my jewel was utterly gone.


Into the cave I went to venture

To seek my stolen, lonely treasure,

And through the cold and hollow I crept

My hands feeling nought and on silence I stepped.


And so this way I stroll once more

To ponder things that happened long before

I get this feeling that when I die

My diamond will be waiting for me in the sky.

World Traveler

I soar above the clouds,

where starpricks hold at bay the hanging abyss.


The weight it presses down,

to dissolve my heart into nothingness.


But, searching, it cannot find it,

For it is not with me.

No, it stays always in one place.

It is bound and is ever with she.

In Memoriam EP

Every corner of the house

is somehow stabbing in, not out.


Each morn I wake and he comes in

I hear his voice and see his grin


But they are only phantom things

They tell me what I’ve already seen


I’ll meet him again when I cross the veil

But I’m not even halfway through life’s trail


In five decades we will break this curse

It’s the wanting, but canting that’s the worst

Year 1 (2012)

One year down

forty nine or so to go

Then I’ll see you again

Out of the bitter snow