Everything is alive.

Theo Flane discovered the nano-microbes. The initial publication of his paper revealed two new truths: that the most elementary particles known were in fact divisible. Quarks, leptons and such were not the smallest things. And things made of what they were made of could apparently be alive.

The flanes could be zoologically described as neither prokaryotes nor eukaryotes. They weren’t a new kingdom. They were a new empire of life. And they were on and in everything.

As Theo Flane’s and others’ research probed deeper into this new ecology, we began to suspect that the flanes knew we were now aware of them. We believed this because when Theo Flane’s paper was released on the internet, it began to change. There arose tens, then hundreds, then thousands of versions of the text. Nothing made sense. The public couldn’t understand. No one could. The flanes didn’t want anyone to know anything about them. Theo Flane famously asked at a press conference why they did not outright delete the files. But what most people heard were things like ” Move the opular coplexities into polular interstices at each of the clastical mergements.” Perhaps they wanted us to know that we did not know.

They were in our power lines, riding the electrons. They were in our circuits and on all our stuff. They were in cyberspace and throughout everything.

They could destroy us. We knew because Theo Flane soon sickened, withered, blackened and then exploded. His house ate away at itself and then fell into the earth in a hole that deepened and is still deepening. Most researchers stopped after that.

But it must have been hard for them to kill us outright, since few others suffered like Theo Flane. The flanes did want to ruin us, however ;ad. So they did df + -something more subtle, but of equal terror. ::\} They didn’t have 2 melt our skin or physically alter ………..food. They     -+ could simply disrupt the navigati0n, satellite, an;d electrical components of all shipping. Fooooood scarcened. Manufacturing ceased. Humans drifted into the life of antiquity. And? most ?did ?not ?even ?know !!why.

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