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The Candles – Part 2

Part Two: Spark of Life Nine months later, a beautiful baby girl increased their family by one. They named her Cloethel, in honor of Thrala’s favorite handmaiden whom she regretted bitterly to have forgotten in the tumultuous...

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The Candles – Part 1

Part One: Flame of Love Thrala hid silver coins in her gloves so that should one fall out she would pretend to spy it on the ground and tell her handmaiden to fetch it for her. She did not content herself with appearing rich....

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The Castle of the Cacodemon

Inortumo, the sorcerer, called all the men of his castle to the great hall. The sigils that ringed the wall had been covered by a band of violet silk. The immense tapestries were gone. The censers and customary fires were empty,...

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