Last night I searched every single one of my Facebook posts that included the name “Trump,” and have linked them all here with quotes or summaries of each, in the order of the search results themselves. There were 36:

  1. I called Trump out for misunderstanding the nature of rights in a way that smells like kleptocracy.
  2. I said Trump “acted so irresponsibly I hope he never runs for office again.”
  3. I called Trump an idiot (but not the worst president ever, nor even close to the best).
  4. I said the people who stormed the capitol on Jan. 6, 2021 “were fools and idiots – and possibly should be arrested for treason” (but not that we should cut ties with anyone who disagrees).
  5. I said I “am certain” Trump is involved in corruption (but that his tax returns aren’t necessarily evidence of it).
  6. I said I didn’t vote for Trump in 2016. (I also did not vote for him in 2020).
  7. I said “I am not a fan of Trump” (but that comparing him to Hitler means you’re ignorant of what 1930’s and 40’s Germany was really like).
  8. I followed up the post in which I said Trump is not like Hitler, with a post stating that Trump has a “terrible terrible platform.”
  9. I said I “don’t support Trump – I dislike many of his policies” (but maintain he has made clear his position on white supremacy, that he is opposed to it).
  10. In 2016 just before the election I said “Trump is unfit for office. He’s immoral which disqualifies him already” (but also that I prefer him over Hillary because I dislike her as well, and she would be likelier to get more of her platform effectuated, while I regarded Trump as being unlikely to actually enact most of his aims).
  11. I said “Trump and his team’s economic advisors don’t understand [economics].”
  12. I joked that “we [should] re-write the constitution just in time so that….we can have co-presidents! Hillary + Trump together, both co-presidents, equal! Why settle for the lesser evil, when we can have the EQUAL EVIL?”
  13. I said that “SOME of the things he’s doing [regarding trade and the economy] are good, and some are not.”(specifically, I like his deregulation, but dislike his tariffs and international trade policies).
  14. In criticizing Biden’s disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan I asked “Would Trump have done any of these things, or done them better? Perhaps not.” (but that I could see Trump listening to his military advisors more closely on something like this than Biden did).
  15. I said Trump “routinely [made] dubious statements” (and that Biden will too).
  16. Adding no commentary, I linked an article titled “When are we Going to Admit that Trump is Unfit to be President?”
  17. Just after the 2020 election I said “I actually don’t have a strong opinion over whether Trump or Biden ultimately wins. But I do have a strong opinion that free and fair elections are critical for our democratic republic.
  18. I criticized Scientific American for strongly implying Trump is worse than slavery, segregation and Jim Crow laws (but said zero positive things about Trump in so doing).
  19. I criticized Trump’s tariffs on China as foolish policy.
  20. I agreed with Trump on a gun related issue, but expressed it by saying “and what do you know – Trump is right on something!
  21. I noted that the Mueller report says no one in Trump’s organization “conspired or knowingly coordinated” with Russia regarding the 2016 election, (but that this won’t change the relationship between US and Russia).
  22. I joked that my “trust of Trump is hitting a new low” when it was reported he likes steaks well-done and with ketchup(!).
  23. I said that the economy under Trump before COVID was doing exceptionally well (it was), but that “I don’t think Trump accounted for [why it was good].”
  24. I noted that my main criticism of Trump are his bad economic policies.
  25. I deeply criticized his border wall plan.
  26. I shared an article titled “Reality Will Curb Trump’s Protectionist Fantasies.”
  27. I noted with humor the European reaction to Trump’s comment that NATO is obsolete.
  28. I criticized California Democrats for sharing Trump’s approach to elections (that one should only support [their results] if they yield the desired result).
  29. I asked “who was expecting this” to an article titled “Trump Supporters Score Higher on Verbal Ability Tests”
  30. I teased the flat-earther movement when linking an article about Trump drafting a moon-mining accords.
  31. I posted a funny post from Babylon Bee about Trump.
  32. In 2016 I linked to an article titled “Dear Democrats, Read This if You Do Not Understand Why Trump Won.
  33. I commented a simple “Yes” in linking to a post highly critical of Trump’s original travel ban.
  34. After the 2016 election I wrote a post criticizing the electoral college and noted that “I do not like Trump or very much of his platform.
  35. I linked to a blog post stating that “Like me, the author is NOT a fan of Trump” (while decrying that vapid criticisms of Trump are drowning out better, more important criticisms of Trump),
  36. I shared a CNN article titled “Trump to supporters harassing minorities: ‘Stop it’”, because obviously they should stop.

Am I dripping with hatred for Trump? No. But out of 36 times I posted on Facebook anything regarding Trump there are maybe one or two positive things said. Virtually everything else is criticism.

I also said a few times I regard Trump as being middle of the road in quality as a president, and not spectacular – I am rare, I believe, in not having been overly polarized by him. Almost everyone either hates or loves him, it seems. I think the supposed “harm” he did to America has been generally overblown (we’re far more resilient a nation than the damage done by the absurd statements of Trump, or the faultiness of his policies). And the good he did has likewise been overblown by his supporters (particularly on the economy, which was good while he was in office, but not because of much that he did).

How about Biden? He’s mostly a walking disaster. Let’s not speak of him…